Alternative Cutting Methods
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Industrial Cutting Services in Fort Worth, Texas


Multiple Applications

Enjoy the results of customized water-jet cutting with the aid of Alternative Cutting Methods. Our technicians are skilled in industrial cutting services that deliver products made to the most accurate specifications. With our help, you're able to do a better job for your own customers. Expand your materials options with industrial cutting services from our company in Fort Worth, Texas.
State of Texas Ornament - Water Jet Cutting in Fort Worth, TX

Stone Cutting

Water-jet is the perfect way to create custom shaped inlays, countertops, logos, signs and shapes from stone and granite materials. We also work with marble, limestone, and quartz.

We Can Also Cut:
  • Acrylic
  • Aluminum
  • Honeycomb
  • Stainless


Intricate shaping and cutting of glass is easy with our water-jet service. Glass from 1/32" to 10" thick is no problem, even when laminated in multiple layers, so call us for your stained glass and tabletop needs.

Gaskets & Seals

Alternative Cutting Methods creates the most elaborate designs in any appropriate material. By using water-jets for cutting gaskets, we can automatically nest various sized and shaped gaskets on one sheet for your convenience.


When cutting materials such as fiberglass that are associated with hazardous airborne materials, water-jet is an ideal solution. Eliminating the risk is easy because particles and materials are transported away from the surface water into the tank.

Other Materials

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